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Middle East and Asia 'attractive markets"for Spanish investors - Iberian Lawyer

Middle East and Southeast Asia are “attractive markets” that offer significant oportunities for Spanish investors, says Fernando Gómez y Gómez-Calcerrada, a partner at RLD.

“Most medium and large businesses have looked West, towards Europe, Latin America and the US, but we believe that there is a lot of potential in the East,” says Gómez y Gómez-Calcerrada. In response to investor demand for services across the Middle East and Asia, RLD opened a Dubai office in 2012. “Dubai is a great launching pad for very attractive markets which haven’t traditionally had strong links with Spain, such as Thailand, Iran and Burma,” says Gómez y Gómez-Calcerrada.   “Thailand is a very mature market which enjoys political stability and offers many opportunities yet to be explored,” he adds.

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