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How to effectively create a company abroad: Here are the keys

Looking for an efficient way to run your family business abroad? With RLD and DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center) set up a Single Family Office (SFO) that allows you to easily centralize, manage and control your family businesses across generations. Offering a simple company structure with a specific business license, SFO will allow you to access all services under one roof and ensure business continuity. This includes monitoring and managing assets, financial resources, legal and business matters, management or concierge services, and much more! Discover all the benefits of opening a Single Family Office by contacting us at our offices in Madrid or Dubai. You won't have to travel to Dubai to start your business if you don't want to; From Madrid we carry out all the procedures and our team at the Dubai office will take care of the rest: 1. Register your company in Dubai from Madrid 2. RLD acts as a witness in the company charter 3. RLD takes care of all the paperwork 4. We can be the link between your company and Dubai Check all the steps here to register your company in the United Arab Emirates.

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