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RLD: International DMCC Service Provider, Dubai Free Zone

How do you set up your company in the United Arab Emirates?

For anyone to have the ability to establish a business from anywhere in the world, RLD has partnered with DMCC, the world's # 1 free zone, where you will find everything you need to live, establish, develop and build your business.

What is DMCC?

DMCC is a free zone within Dubai, which enjoys certain tax benefits, being the specific global center for more than 18,000 companies from a wide range of industries and sectors as diverse as financial services, energy and agriculture to diamonds, gold and common metals. As a member of the DMCC, you can access all the benefits of unmatched direct business connections to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the world's key commodity markets. Added to this, continued investment in leading business services and the most innovative and interconnected infrastructure make it easy to trade from here. Efficient, effortless, anywhere in the world.

RLD is the only service provider in Europe for DMCC

DMCC international service providers support companies to establish themselves in the international market through DMCC from the customer's preferred location.

set up your company in dubai from madrid

You can set up your company in the DMCC (Dubai) free zone without having to travel to the United Arab Emirates.

rld acts as SIGNATORY witness

RLD certifies that the person who signs the registration act to establish the company in DMCC is the signing person

RLD takes care of the paperwork

RLD takes care of sending the documentation to DMCC to officially register your company in Dubai

WE CAN BE the link between your company and DUBaI

Once your company is registered in Dubai, RLD, with offices in Madrid and Dubai, can provide you with the legal and corporate advice you need.

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