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RLD has advised Viamed Salud in the sale of the hospital group to Macquarie Group

PRESS RELEASE, October 23rd, 2020

· The sale has been carried out under the advice of the RLD Law Firm, specialists in M&A and Commercial Law, who have supervised the entire sale process until the final signature. · Macquarie disembarks in the Spanish hospital business, thus consolidating its business diversification strategy in the Iberian market. · Viamed Salud is one of the main hospital groups in the Spanish market, with an annual turnover of close to 150 million euros and a healthcare network made up of 25 health centers, including hospitals and polyclinics, spread throughout the national geography. Madrid, October 23, 2020.- RLD has advised the shareholders of Viamed Salud, one of the leading hospital groups in the national market, in the sale of 100% of the company to the Australian investment bank Macquarie Group, through his investment fund Macquarie European Infrastucture Fund 6 (MEIF 6) who has appointed Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) as his investment manager. This transaction represents a new corporate operation in the hospital sector in Spain with the emergence of one of the largest investment funds in the world. Macquarie Group thus continues with its business diversification strategy, betting on investing in the private healthcare sector, a strategic sector with a strong presence in Spain. To date, the capital of the company was divided among a consortium of private shareholders, whose majority partner was the family office Direct Investments, owned by the Yera family. Viamed Salud, is one of the leading groups in private healthcare in Spain, where it provides services of the highest quality through a hospital network made up of nine medical-surgical hospitals, three convalescence centers, a social-health center and 15 outpatient centers. Viamed Salud has facilities in nine Spanish cities, with a strong presence in La Rioja, Aragon and Andalusia. Viamed Salud has a staff of more than 3,000 healthcare professionals and the latest diagnostic techniques available to patients.

This sale transaction has had the advice of RLD, a firm that to date had been the exclusive advisor in charge of advising and executing all the sales operations of Viamed Salud in Spain since its creation in 2001. Since then, RLD has carried out three operations for the purchase of land for the construction of new clinics and hospitals, as well as seven operations for the sale of hospitals for incorporation into the hospital group.

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