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Once again, RLD ranked in the ranking of Law Firms with the highest turnover in Spain 2020

Fuente EXPANSION Jurídico

Today we woke up with the publication in EXPANSION of the ranking of the firms that bill the most in Spain and, for yet another year, we cannot be prouder of our Firm and, above all, of all the people who are part of this great team called RLD. Despite the fateful year 2020 that we have had to face, RLD has known how to adapt to circumstances and fight not only to move forward with everything against it, but also fighting for our clients and so that no one is left by the wayside. The Expansion Law Firm Ranking offers a complete analysis of the business figures of almost a hundred firms, both local and international. It also delves into other indicators, such as the productivity of firms. That is why we cannot be more than proud looking at this ranking with an increase in the office's turnover of 75% compared to 2019. We could not have achieved this great milestone without the enormous effort of our professionals and, above all, by the trust that our clients have placed in us. To all of them, once again, thank you. RLD Team

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