UAE approves 3-month visa extension for companies in mainland


The UAE Cabinet has approved a package of new decisions in line with the precautionary measures taken by the government to mitigate the negative effects that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing in various sectors of the country. The decisions aim to alleviate the current circumstances of citizens and residents, as well as to guarantee the flow of work in the country.

One of these measures is the extension of residence visas that ended from March 1, 2020 for three months, provided that it is subsequently renewed through the usual channels, without additional charges at the time of renewal, as well as an exemption from the fines incurred as a consequence of the current situation. This extension, at the moment, only applies to residence visas of companies located in the mainland and not to the worker visas of companies located in the free zone.

The Cabinet also ordered the administrative fines for infractions resulting from the services provided by the Federal Authority for Indentity and Citizenship to be abolished for a period of three months, counting from April 1, 2020, renewable.

Martín Gómez Marín, RLD Dubai Consulting Lawyer



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