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30% of workers will be able to go to the workplace

in the UAE



The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management announced on April 24 the lifting of some of the precautionary measures that the government is carrying out to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the UAE.

Among the measures are the reopening of certain commercial sectors , which include shopping centers, stores and public transport. In addition, it regulates the percentage of workers who can physically go to the workplace, the maximum being 30% of the total and whenever absolutely necessary. This restriction does not apply to certain sectors, considered vital , such as the food or health sector. Companies must also limit the number of customers who visit their facilities, allowing a maximum of 30% of their capacity, and must strictly comply with the health and safety precautions established by the authorities.

Companies must implement protective measures in the workplace to prevent workers from being exposed to the coronavirus. These measures include the use of detection devices to take the temperature of employees and customers, as well as checking the symptoms of the virus at least twice a day, disinfecting public areas and maintaining a safety distance of two meters between workers. In the event that a suspicious case is detected, it must be immediately referred to the health authorities.

Workers over 55 years of age, with disabilities, with respiratory or chronic diseases, pregnant women and mothers with children under the age of 9 must have priority when working remotely.



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