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Sports Law isn't about a specific branch of law, it's completely the opposite. It's a cross-wise concept that touches almost every branch of tradition law such as Tort Law, Commercial Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, etc. We can't forget that all of them live in the same ecosystem with public and private laws with national and international status.


For example, imagine the case of a player who has been fired without fair cause: his/her sponsorship agreement, image rights, salaries owed by a club in bankruptcy, Moreover, the case of a player with a positive anti-doping test or, giving the case, being sanctioned without playing a certain number of matches. In all of these cases, there will be no branch of law which won't be affected by any of these examples. Therefore, there is a need of counting with a specialised team which is able to offer you legal security in this unstoppable industry which possesses a specific character. Overall, we can't forget about the national and international federal level as well as the possibility of alternative resolution of conflicts before the Sports Arbitration Court (SAC).


Rosalía Ortega leads the Sports Law Department.

She started her professional career in 2005 working as legal advisor in the World Mortorcycling Championship and Paris Dakar, in the sponsorship of the Yamaha Team where the pilots Valentino Rossi, Marco Melendri. Toni Elias and Nani Roma were part of the team.

After this, and after working in international law firms specialised in Sports Law, she has been working in several sports areas like basketball, motor racing, cycling, horse race, olympic shot, canoeing and basque ball. She has been working in football with professional national and international football players, football clubs, clubs associations, national and international federations, coaches, agents, brokarage agencies and football referees from all categories.

With wide professional trackrecord in the sport brokarage and with a strong relationship with Latam and the Middle East countries, she has been exclusively dedicated for over 14 years to Sports Law, which she combines with university teaching, attending world wide conferences. collaborating in specilised books and with her work as Judge of Appelation in the International Basque Ball Federation and President of the Olympic Shot Committee of the Spanish Federation.

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